Can you tell us something about Data2save?

Data2save delivers your complete “office in the Cloud”, maximizing your revenue through strategic Applications: – From Office 365 to full service IT for companies. Agility365 for Enterprise data, document management and our Studio D2S creates Websites and Apps for a variety of industries. Plus, Brand management, PR and Social Media marketing.

Data2save was founded by Erik VanderLaan, 12 years ago. He has embraced the Texan way, while remaining true to his Dutch heritage as a founding member of the Steering Committee of the Netherlands-American Business Council in Washington, DC.

What makes Data2save successful in Texas?

Data2save is successful, because we remain at the forefront of the newest innovations in technology. This means that our clients are better served by outsourcing their tech needs than if they had their own ”in-house” IT Department. Even if their IT Department sends their staff on regular training courses, they could never be as effective as our experts are. We specialize in IT, so we are always more knowledgeable than an IT department could ever be. We monitor our customers, globally, 24 hours a day, to intercept Cyber threats because Security is our priority.

“The edge that D2S has, is that we are a Microsoft Partner, so we get prior access to emerging technology to build our proprietary software platforms, before the wider market do.”

The other reason that we are successful, is that we have embraced the Texan culture. So often companies operate overseas as if they are still in their home country, and don’t take advantages of the benefits offered in the host country. We have identified the differences in operations in The Netherlands vs Texas, therefore we can advise our clients to see a perspective that they may not have considered. We reinforce the excellent advice that the NBSO provides.

We started in the USA, while employing developers in Holland, but now after 12 years in Texas, we are well established and have come to realize that, although salaries are higher in the USA, it pays to employ local staff for various reasons. The Dutch companies that we have advised to do so have all been successful.

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

The best advice that we can give Dutch entrepreneurs is that they should open their minds to take advantage of a different way to engage in business. It can be a delight to discover that some customs make life a whole lot easier. As Governor Abbott explained, “Texas’ low-regulation approach is good for growth”.

Texas is home to 270 companies on the NYSE Stock Exchange, more than any other State in the country. Texas has 50+ Fortune 500 companies with HQ’s in Texas and has often been ranked at “Best State to do Business in”, By CNBC and other magazines. The good infrastructure, and a climate conducive to business, attracted more growth in the last 10 years than any other State. Business relocating to Texas, get grants and Tax incentives from the Governor. In 2016 the Texan Technology Industry added +11,000 new jobs and led the nation in the number of new Tech businesses created. This rapidly growing economy lures new companies, spurring economic development & job creation.

Go-Get-e’m and join the prosperity party!

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