SXSW: Inspiring Innovation in Austin

Innovation requires creativity, curiosity, and a diversity of minds and skills. In Austin, Dutch participants in Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) from March 10-16 demonstrated these qualities impressively! The Flying Dutchman Tour, an immersive program specifically tailored for businesses from the Netherlands, was organized by New Dutch Wave and Creative NL. Get a glimpse of the experience here:

Our Dutch representatives demonstrated their expertise in tech and AI panels at SXSW, featuring IX, promoting business ideas, and performing on stages like the Innovation Bridge Europe House and others. And remember, SXSW isn’t just about digital tech—many other sectors are also showcasing their latest innovative and inspiring developments! Even innovative bicycle infra inspired by the Dutch, is all over the place in town.

NBSO Texas is looking forward to seeing you in Austin in 2025 ( Contact us for more info, and in the meantime: Get inspired by one of these many exciting SXSW tracks!

Climate Change Track

The Climate Change track explores the most promising ideas on mitigating (or sometimes living with) the effects of global warming and in-depth coverage of the consequences of unpredictable weather patterns and rising ocean levels.

Energy Track

An exploration of solutions to energy production and delivery at every scale. From rethinking infrastructure to the continued development of alternative energy sources like thermal and fusion, Energy track sessions will tackle different approaches to improve access and equity for communities.

Health & Medtech Track

Addressing how technological and social changes are impacting one of the world’s largest industries, the Health & MedTech content will cover everything from patient-centric care and gene editing to health equity and 3D-printed human organs.

Sports Track

Tackle the breakthroughs in technology, biometrics, data analysis, fan experiences and media that promise to reshape this global industry.


Creating the next big thing is a central theme at SXSW. These sessions cover the unexpected founders, funders, business plans, new revenue models, success stories, and epic fails that make entrepreneurism so compelling.


Recent and upcoming technological advances are radically transforming the way we get from here to there. While electric vehicles are a major focus, sessions will also examine the evolution of autonomous transport, new aviation breakthroughs, alternative fuels, and the most exciting new ideas in micro-mobility.

Design Track

Focusing on the philosophical as well as technical, Design track sessions present the methods which top developers and creatives use to build our digital, virtual, and physical worlds with purpose through intentional design thinking.

2050 Track

2050 track programming focuses on long-range, big-picture thinking, with topics that range from nanotech breakthroughs and interplanetary expeditions to life-extension research and novel applications of scientific discoveries.