Vuyk Engineering

Can you tell us something about your company?

VUYK INC. is an independent maritime design and engineering office with over 40 years of experience in different maritime industries such as the Oil /gas, Offshore Wind and Dredging market. What sets Vuyk apart in the market is that three specialisms are represented in one office: vessel design, equipment design and operational marine engineering; trifecta focus on maritime challenges.

Vuyk is well known for finding innovative and high-quality engineering solutions essential for the development and optimization of complex maritime projects. With a rich history dating back to 1872, Vuyk built an unparalleled reputation in the areas of ship design, equipment design and technical consulting.

The VUYK team consists of about 125 highly qualified engineers and experts, who collectively strive to provide solutions that push the standards of the maritime industry. Supporting the maritime- and offshore world in a wide range of services, from conceptual and basic designs to detailed engineering, providing customers with customized solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of today’s maritime industry.

With a strong focus on sustainability, safety and efficiency, VUYK INC. is driving progress in the maritime industry. As a supplier to numerous shipyards and marine contractors, VUYK INC. has all the in-house expertise to support innovative projects in various maritime markets: dredging, subsea, offshore, renewables and the heavy lift market.

Solving your maritime challenges

Why did your company choose Texas?

Texas is the traditional place to be for Dutch companies involved in the maritime- & offshore Industry, with Houston as the offshore capital. Today Vuyk recognizes the greater Houston area as the center for the energy transition, as mayor energy companies do have their center of excellences in this area. Beside the heritage of Maritime- and Offshore Industry, Texas does have a friendly investment climate and the Dutch go well along with the Texans!

What advice can you give Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Howdy y’all…!
In Texas it’s all about business and less about politics or distracting topics. Being an original Dutch company is almost a benefit as Houston carries over 100 nationalities and is really an international business city.

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