Corlido Group

Can you tell us something about your company?

The Corlido Group is a multinational Procurement & Logistics organization. Founded in The Netherlands in 1995, Corlido has evolved from a traditional trading house into a leading global provider of purchasing & logistical services.

Our distinct disciplines are:

  • Tail Spend Management
  • Project Supply
  • Piping Supply (PVF and supporting materials)
  • Procurement Partner (tailored to client requirements)

Our client portfolio is diverse and consists of large, primarily multinational organizations in Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Tech, Agriculture and the Public Sector.

Corlido Group manages sourcing, operational buying, order management, warehousing, logistics, financial and administrative services. Through our expertise and smart IT solutions we are an extension for our client’s buying organization and manage their overall procurement activities by:

  • Reducing supplier base (1 invoice, 1 payee, 1 expediting call)
  • Shortening cycle times
  • Generating both direct & indirect savings
  • Providing full transparency into expenditures
  • Eliminating logistical challenges

Why did you choose Texas?

Corlido USA LLC was established in Houston in 2020 for the American markets. Originally, the idea to locate in Houston came from its position as Energy Capital of the World. However, as we looked closer at the Houston market, we realized that energy is just a portion of the market that Houston has to offer. From medical to aerospace to hospitality, Houston has an extremely diverse and international business climate and is a perfect match for Corlido.

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

The Texas market and Houston in particular is built on relationships. Houston has been the Energy Capital for a long time and the people here are very accustomed to people and companies coming and going. Businesses in Texas want to know that you’re real, that you’re in Texas and that you’re going to support them. Don’t expect to get someone’s business before you meet them in person and expect to spend time and effort outside the office building relationships.

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