Can you tell us something about WOOSH5?

Woosh5 offers a science-based platform of resilience building exercises and personalized coaching for individuals and employees at all levels of an organization who want to grow in their resilience. Why is resilience such an important topic for today’s organizations?Because they are demanding more of their employees in terms of time, knowledge,skill level, and competencies. Today’s fast-paced technology revolution is changing how and when people work—building stress not only in the work environment but also in how to achieve a healthy work/life balance. Companies need more resilient and agile employees to not only survive but compete and thrive.

Agility and resiliency are not only built in processes and organizational structure but also in the mindset and behavior of its employees. Ninety-five percent of executives agree that building resiliency skills in its workforce is critical for business success. Woosh5 helps employees build a resilient mindset, so they can adjust to change and embrace uncertainty with greater confidence. With 70% of the employees dissatisfied with the way their employers develop and equip them for future work, Woosh5 provides organizations with an affordable win-win solution for everyone in the organization with daily resilience building exercises and one-on-one coaching via email and video conferencing.

​Why did WOOSH5 choose to open an office in Texas?

​Information-richindustries like technology, publishing, and media with long-held operating histories have undergone transformational change. Others such as retail and banking reached a tipping point in the recent past, and energy-based industries are next in terms of industrial change. Oil and gas companies have been structured and operated in traditionally stable and predictable markets. Their world is now changing especially with the start of the shale oil revolution. These energy companies are looking for ways to engage and empower everyone in their organization to create value quickly,collaboratively, and effectively; therefore, Woosh5 sees a significant market opportunity to partner with organizations in the energy capital city of Houston.

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

The saying that “Everything in Texas is bigger” is true. Not only is the state big,nearly 800 miles from its two farthest points, but the cars, houses, and the travel distance to restaurants and schools as well. This means you need to”think big” in business too. At the same time Texas is also diverse with each city and region boasting its own unique culture and traditions. The capital city of Austin is very liberal, while Dallas is conservative, and Houston is famous for its melting pot, trade-driven economy. What they allshare is the Lone Star Pride! While polite questions are welcomed, cultural critiques will be met with a cold shoulder. Keep comments curious and friendly,and it’s best to keep conversations away from controversial topics such as politics and religion. Show your appreciation and enjoy the Southern hospitality!

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