Radial Drilling Services

About RDS

Radial Drilling Services Inc. (RDS) was founded in 2004 to introduce a technology for oil & gas production optimization. The base of RDS stemmed from an initial idea about a technology that would be accessible to oil and gas operations worldwide ranging from small independent operators to the major O&G companies.

The basis of the technology is a method that allows rehabilitation and optimization of oil and gas wells by using our patented radial reservoir drainage methods. RDS uses extreme high hydraulic pressure to penetrate from within existing producing wells perpendicular into the surrounding reservoirs with outward extending radials thereby creating a drainage pattern in a circumferential pattern, thus creating this drainage pattern for additional production or reviving production. These radials are essentially open laterals penetrating up to about 100 meters into the reservoir in any direction and on any level within the existing wellbore.

Since its inception, we have grown from traditional oil and gas optimization applications into the Geothermal technology and as presenting an alternative to Frac operations.

Our operations originally started in Houston Texas are now extended to all oil and gas producing regions worldwide and the geothermal and frac replacement services in Europe.

​Why Houston, TX?

Houston Texas was chosen for various reasons, those include that the hub for the energy business is in Houston. Moreover the setting up of a business in the USA is an easy and fast procedure from name registration to corporate set-up. The business atmosphere in Texas is ideally suited for start-up and growth-oriented companies. The city offers basically all access to market and state aspects of business operation and management with a savvy city management and geographic access to all our international operations thru the airport of Houston and road access to the USA, Mexico, and Canada. In the energy-related business, domestically and internationally, Houston is the seat of more decision-making companies than any other city worldwide the RDS office has therefore direct access to its end users here in the USA as well as those operating overseas.

In our particular business the access to various mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic as well as Geological and think tanks is essential and those services in Houston are extensive which is very beneficial to our growth capability in new design and engineering, R&D as well as operational support.

Houston’s location, attitude and know-how has assisted us tremendously in high activity times and during the dramatic downturn in the energy business during 2014 and 2015, and is now right here with the upturn we see in our activities recently.

Hints to doing business in Texas and Houston.

First and foremost know your business and know your market. Discussing business and obtaining business in Texas is a direct result of quality and service which is only possible if one knows its business and the application for such businesses in Texas. People here appreciate professional knowledge.

Texans are friendly and gentlemen like and expect reciprocation. Knowing their history and their cultural aspects is an opener for good dialog which leads to business. The general market in Texas, and the USA is directly related to quality of service and as such poor service results in fast closure of business. In other words:” the survival of the fittest”. Good quality and timely delivery is a must. Dutch entrepreneurs are very welcome here and not only from historic relations, but we Dutch have the reputation to deliver and provide quality as well as our linguistic and adaption capabilities this gives us a distinct advantage in opening doors for first introduction.

As mentioned before, setting up a business is fast and low cost. Qualified people availability is abundant and the market is all around you. Texans welcome foreign enterprises and foreign ambition this presents a solid ground for cooperation.

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