Plan B Marine Solutions

Can you tell us something about Plan B marine solutions?

Plan B marine solutions is the Marine, Salvage and Offshore specialist in the Americas and Europe and provide a wide range of services to marine, salvage & offshore companies, H&M underwriters, P&I clubs, NGO’s, Ministry’s, Coastguards, and other governmental organizations. The company was founded in 2016 by Bas Coppes a salvage, marine, and offshore professional with strong contractual, commercial, and operational skills who is a graduate of the Maritime Institute de Ruijter with a double degree in Nautical Science and Engineering, and who spend several years onboard the famous Dutch ocean-going salvage tugs and hopper dredges.

The services that Plan B marine solutions offer are:

Salvage Consultancy: Plan B marine solutions is a strategic partner when it really matters and when you need a rapid situation assessment. The founder is a member of the Special Casualty Representative Panel at Lloyds (SCR)
Survey: H&M and P&I surveys, Vessel suitability and condition surveys, Towage survey, Marine Warranty Surveys, Accident investigation.
Consultancy: Finding the best technical solution for your marine, salvage and offshore project, feasibility studies, Innovation & brainstorming sessions, engineering, decommissioning, scrapping and demolition.
Legal: Expert witness, Expert support in lawsuits and founder is a HMAA arbitrator.
Operational: Project management, Salvage Master, supervisor, Naval architect, Cost control or finding the right personnel.
Commercial & Marketing: Manage and win Invitation to Tender (ITT or RFQ) processes, Site inspections for bid preparations, Contracting and contract management (BIMCO, LOF), Subcontracting &outsourcing, setting up a US office in Houston.
Brokerage for Americas: Do you need a vessel, tugboat, floating crane, Dive Company or a barge, shipyard, or salvage contractor? Plan B marine solutions can assist you in recommending the right party.

Why did Plan B marine solutions choose Texas to open an office?

Houston is the second largest port in the USA and the Gulf of Mexico is a premier hub for Offshore, drilling, heavy lift, and transport. Because of the hurricanes, there is also a lot of work salvage &wreck removal. In this line, Texas is a strategic location to serve and support our clients in the region.

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Doing business in Texas is much easier than in other places. If you talk to the right people, and you follow the correct processes, you can start your operations in a short time. Texas is a state that is made for business, don’t get distracted by the noise.

I would really recommend doing business in this region. There is so much potential now and in the near future!

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