Who is Petrogenium?

The Company was founded in 2015, with it’s Head Office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Tammo Beishuizen, Managing Partner, with joint partner Stefan Kardos. Petrogenium B.V. now has over 120 internationally based team of world-class technical, commercial and consultancy experts with 25+ years of oil and gas industry experience in asset owner roles, servicing over 40 clients. We are not new to the US, but expanding in Texas.

Petrogenium provides deep Technical and Operational services, along with Business Improvement, Strategy consulting, Due Diligence & License to Operate support across the six key Oil & Gas industry challenges, with special focus on:

  • The Energy Transition – Decarbonization, Renewables & the circular economy for plastics
  • The Orderly Transition to new business models & disruptive technologies
  • Business Improvement – Master Planning & Opportunity Realization

Petrogenium USA LLC was set up in May 2021. The President, Paul Newman, has worked at the Pernis Refinery in Rotterdam and spent 8+ years in The Hague during his Shell Career, speaking passable Dutch. Client Director, Greg Hall, has 30+ years in Shell Oil US across all manufacturing sites, including roles in Shell Global Solutions Central Excellence organizations, serving Shell, JV, as well as external clients.

Why did your company choose Texas?

Texas is big and full of opportunity. It has the largest concentration of Downstream assets in the world and a majority of the key energy companies in North America have a presence in Texas (with a concentration in Houston). It’s unquestionably ‘the’ world-scale Energy Hub.

That said, Texas is in transition. It is and will continue to lead the Energy Transition from a traditional platform of fossil fuels to new sustainable sources. However, this has to be an ‘orderly transition’. Rushing into renewables without the fundamentals in place could lead to expensive mistakes, with unintended consequences. The transition has to be safe, reliable, profitable, sustainable and aligned with timing supported by the markets and society. If not, that would be bad for everyone’s business.

This humongous challenge makes Texas the place to be and it’s exciting and fulfilling, with a real sense of purpose. Texas will be an energy “game changer” no doubt, but this will take a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of all of us, including Texans.‍

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

General advice is to be flexible and responsive to your customer needs. Texans are commercially savvy and tend to be transactional. They want to see the ‘value’. They a reaction orientated and seek delivery of quick results. Europeans perhaps like to go at a slower pace. It is critical to establish trusted relationships with clients. Though it may require a bit more than a handshake to finalize deals, the importance of the relationship should not be underestimated.

We find a successful business model working successfully with Texans, as well as others, is to be collaborative, working with clients who believe what we believe, and who are seeking;

  • Genuine partnerships of technology, work process and people, with shared objectives
  • A simple and coherent approach; don’t make it complicated
  • Open and honest communication, with no bureaucracy
  • Value in diversity, experience, and culture
  • People who fit well into their own organizations
  • People they can trust
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