Can you tell us something about NewCompliance?

NewCompliance, founded in 2006, is an award-winning, cutting-edge company that utilizes modern, interoperable IT platforms to improve safety and efficiency levels in hospitals throughout the whole surgical patient journey. Our vision is to empower people to optimize safety, efficiency, and satisfaction through innovative solutions that reshape information.

Responding to the need for innovation of information in the OR, we develop big data-driven visualization and control solutions for our customers. With our OR Cockpit we support the caregiver with predictive dashboarding and analytics solutions for Surgery, Emergency, and Intensive Care departments, among others, using one central system that can be easily operated through large wall-mounted touchscreen displays.

The OR Cockpit continuously scans all patient safety conditions and risk factors and provides the team with actionable information. Furthermore, the OR Cockpit optimizes OR productivity, minimizes surgical site infections (SSIs), reduces material costs, and provides unprecedented analytics and reports by integrating data from all source systems and equipment (EMR, BMS, and other OR equipment). Optional modules include resource planning, bed logistics, and patient engagement solutions.

Why did NewCompliance choose to open an office in Texas?

This had to do both with the enormous market opportunity in Texas, as well as very strong representation from our national distribution partner in the region. Throughout 2017 and 2018 the enormous potential that the Texas Healthcare market offered our company and our technology became increasingly apparent.

The large health systems that are active in the Texas market would benefit enormously from our technology. It would enable everyone to deliver the best and safest work in Surgery on a continuous basis and to manage departmental performance improvements across the board through standardized performance Analytics.

In 2018 we secured a partnership with our first large customer in Texas and began work on the installation of our platform. This initial success and the resulting enthusiasm led to rapid development in the Texas market for our company, which prompted us to open a regional office with a team of professionals on the ground that can provide all the required expertise to our Texas customers. We have now established ourselves firmly in the TMC Innovation Centre and are equipped to provide our services locally to all Texas Healthcare players.

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

As they will no doubt have heard before, doing business in the US is a little bit different from doing business in Europe. You need to invest time and resources in finding out what those differences are and how to serve the US market, based on its own rules and requirements. Investing in locally experienced people is a great idea, as is forming partnerships with local companies so that you can grow together.

If the product is a new type of innovation, it can also be very valuable initially to create a number of pilot projects to show the market that the technology works very well locally. This may take some time and effort, but will be well worth it in the long run!

Finally, and particularly because everything is bigger in Texas, Dutch entrepreneurs probably need to start thinking a lot bigger than they are used to doing… and to benefit from the fact that the Texans are very sociable people and great fun to be around!

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