Can you tell us something about Mourik?

Mourik is a family business which started in the Netherlands in 1929. It has developed itself over the years into an internationally oriented company with a focus on Energy transition, transportation & mobility, and water management. As an innovative company, we accelerate our development through circularity, sustainability, data and digital. At the core this allows us to be a multidisciplinary services partner to develop the smartest solution for our clients. Through our 2000+ talented and well-trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, including a wealth of expertise and know-how, Mourik is the first in mind – first in choice for many global blue chip companies.

Why did Mourik choose Texas to expand its business?

The market has selected Mourik to come to the USA and Texas. One of the Mourik specialist activities is the catalyst handling company. Our clients (eg. Shell) wanted to receive the same services for their assets in the USA and asked Mourik to engage into delivering these services locally. For this Mourik chose to set up a company in Houston and service the petrochemical clients since then.

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Try to understand the local ways. Americans are very nice and open people and willing to do business with anybody. However, try not to impose the “Dutch” way on them. Better to learn their ways and even better, try to build with them. They are a clever and hard-working society and always open to becoming better.

Accept as being new or a visitor to this beautiful country that things can be different. I have seen too often that people from Holland think The Netherlands is the “center of the universe”. We, as Dutch we have a lot to offer, and the USA is open to receive this. However, there is more than just the “Dutch way” in doing things.

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