LV Shipping and Logistics

Can you tell us something about LV Shipping and Logistics?

We are one of the largest privately-owned transport and forwarding companies with our roots firmly planted in Holland. We are proud to announce that we will celebrate a century of business in three years.

From those strong Dutch roots has grown an international company capable of moving capital plant, equipment and materials around the globe by land, sea and air. We service many industries including: oil, gas, energy, mining, automotive, retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the full range of assorted industries that support them.

Our growth has been client-lead and has seen us develop offshoots of our company in key locations around the world including: 12 UK offices, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Baku, Azerbaijan, Dammam and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 7 offices in Indonesia, Singapore, one in Arkansas and of course Houston, Texas.

Further developments are underway in Georgia, Bulgaria, Malaysia and Thailand. We expect further growth soon of which we can tell you more later.

Our ethos being one of a family business, we have always taken the view that local content should be part of our makeup. We have followed this philosophy through each of our international offices, which are managed by strong local business leaders who have a healthy combination of shared interest in success underlined by our core values of strong commitment to service and ethics in all we do. Of course we stay close to our family to ensure this high level of service is delivered to our clients.

Why did LV Shipping and Logistics choose Texas?

We chose Texas as one of our early international investments for many of the reasons. Our clients were moving materials to and from North America and to other countries in South America. As many of these shipments related to the Oil and Gas industry Houston, it necessarily followed that we should establish our first operation in the USA there.

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

When making this kind of investment or doing business in Houston we would offer the following tips:

Spend time getting to know the business environment paying attention to the regulatory financial environment.

Try to be as client-lead as possible. Be aware of the markets you trade in and the challenges and opportunities represented there.

Appraise yourself of the labor laws and pay scales.

Appoint a good, user-friendly lawyer.

Enter the market with your eyes open and be prepared to take a long-term view.

Establish a close working relationship with your key clients and staff.

Make a commitment to the market and give as well as expect to receive.

Walk before you run.

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