KANON Loading Equipment

Can you tell us something about your company?

KANON Loading Equipment is a leading supplier in the world of liquid transfer solutions. Established as a Dutch family-owned business in 1978, we embody reliability and transparency while providing high quality loading systems tailored to our clients’ needs.

Excellence in Loading
KANON Loading Equipment is a business rooted in drive and dedication. We specialize in high-quality Loading Arms designed for Marine, Road, and Rail and complement these loading systems with Safety Access Equipment, Folding Stairs, Platforms, Swivel Joints, Vapor recovery systems, and Field Services.

Long-Term Commitment:
Partnering with Kanon loading Equipment, means investing in quality, durable and trustworthy solutions. We are well known for forging strong business relationships and prioritizing close collaboration. Open communication and quick problem-solving is paramount in engaging in sincere partnerships with our clients.

Engineered for Generations
We actively engage with our clients to ensure the right fit in tailor-made loading equipment., committed to maximizing uptime and delivering high quality at a fair price. Dedicated to offering our clients a sustainable solution, we provide loading arms that stand the test of time, meeting safety regulations and environmental objectives.

Quality Service
Skilled, experienced, and motivated: our service engineers provide (24/7) worldwide quality service. Solid engineering and top-notch service minimize downtime, empowering you to build a competitive business.
Reliability, transparency, partnership, and tailor-made high quality in loading – that is the KANON promise.

Why did your company choose Texas?

Kanon recognizes Texas as the leading crude-oil and natural gas producing state in the USA. Its ports are critical gateways for the transportation of energy resources. We are proud to have a large client base in this innovative state that uses our loading solutions for safe transfer of liquids and gases. Rooted in our partnership perspective, we feel it is important to personally engage with the energy professionals in this state of opportunity, where significant market developments and activities are taking place.

What advice can you give Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Texans are known for being independent, hospitable, and resilient. We advise Dutch businesses to match the Texas diligent energy and be part of its powerful sense of community, by actively building business relationships, mindful of traditional values and through personal meaningful interactions.

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