IPS Powerful People

Can you tell us something about IPS Powerful People?

iPS Powerful People an international staffing agent, focused on energy, dredging, maritime and civil construction and was founded in The Netherlands in 1988. It started with personnel in the dredging industry, working with the big 4, and has expanded on that to different countries and into different industries. We have grown into providing personnel to 80+ Offshore Wind projects in Europe and Asia, and already have the first placements in the USA. Furthermore, iPS has a strong footprint in Oil and Gas in The Middle East, with offices in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It started operating in the Americas in Mexico in 2007 and has since then expanded to the USA, Guyana, and Suriname. Other industries that iPS is active in are Survey and Civil Construction (Tunneling), iPS’s services consist of direct hire, payroll solutions (45+ options worldwide), and crewing (a combination of recruitment, payroll, and personnel logistics and training).

Why did IPS PP choose Texas to expand its business?

There are various reasons why iPS Powerful People has chosen Texas to expand its business, hereby the main 5:
1. Local partnership with Teal Energi, a company founded by industry experts and providing the know-how and experience of a staffing agent in the USA
2. Existing client base, of 80% of our clients in Mexico, Guyana, and Suriname have their head offices or decision-making units in Houston
3. Houston is the Energy Capital of the World and is working hard to keep the name, it has a growing market of renewable energy companies or companies that are diversifying, the conventional energy companies, LNG, and a very experienced workforce
4. Houston is very central, with easy access to Offshore Wind areas such as the Northeastern states but also California where we will see Offshore Wind develop in the near future, it is also a 2-hour flight from Mexico City, where the HQ of Mexico is located. Houston is the United Airlines hub with many connections to locations around the world
5. Texas has a financially attractive climate, when it comes to taxes, cost of living, and doing business, it is a very welcoming state

What kind of advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

A few tips:
– Texas is a state in the USA, and doing business is different in different states. There are very different rules, regulations, tax obligations, and cultures throughout the different states, take that into consideration.
– Make sure you come prepared, make sure you have done proper due diligence on your partners, that you are well prepared to do business, and do not invent the wheel but find reliable partners. Networking is important, use instances like NBSO and industry-related associations.
– A general tip when moving abroad or doing business abroad, things work differently in different countries and different states, make sure you do your homework. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” is a famous and very true saying by Benjamin Franklin, whose face is printed on the 100-dollar bill.

We as iPS Powerful People are excited to be in the USA, we would encourage companies to make the same move. We are open to helping companies and unburdening them from any personnel issues they might encounter. We can help with the first hires, find the right candidates and take away many HR burdens. Looking forward to seeing you in the Lone Star State or any of the others states that iPS is represented.

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