Can you tell us something about Houthoff?

Houthoff is an independent leading law firm in the Netherlands. We have more than 300 lawyers, notaries and tax advisers who offer high-quality legal advice and support to a large national and international clientele. Clients choose Houthoff in dealing with their most complex and critical problems. Why? Because not only legal knowledge is essential, but also solid strategic advice. Clients therefore indicate that the in-depth legal knowledge combined with the experience of our specialists convinced them that they work with the best team. They praise our proven experience in resolving disputes and capitalizing on opportunities. But also our pragmatic approach to problems, passion for innovation and strong entrepreneurial spirit do not go unnoticed.

We have offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, London and New York and representatives in Houston, Singapore and Tokyo. In addition, we are exclusive members of Lex Mundi, and we have our own International Friends network.

Houthoff helps clients anticipate critical moments with practical solutions to complex legal problems.

Why did Houthoff choose representation in Texas?

Internationalization requires more than being able to work remotely, personal relationships are invaluable in our work. More than ever, clients demand that the law firms they work with have an international focus and can assist them anywhere in the world. We give substance to this by being represented in important economic centers, such as Houston. Just like our other representatives, Carmen Bakas, representative in Houston, has deep knowledge of the local market because she lives and works in Houston, so she knows the local business well. She will soon teach at the Law Faculty of the University of Houston and work with local experts. She regularly receives a team of dedicated colleagues from the Netherlands and New York.

Houston, the global capital of the oil and gas industry, is one of the important economic centers with its flourishing port and energy trade, with plenty of opportunities for legal support in the field of Dutch law. Houthoff has an extensive energy practice with many clients in this sector. The presence in Houston helps us to maintain our relations with the oil & gas, offshore and renewable energy network there.

Our model of representatives has proved successful as a result of which our international ambition has only increased. Tokyo was recently added to our representative network.

What advice do you want to give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Texas is open to new initiatives. The oil and gas market continues to grow. In addition, Houston offers opportunities for Dutch companies in the field of water management and life sciences. It is striking that more and more attention is being paid to sustainability and innovation in the field of new energy. It is important to get good advice on the ever-changing regulations.

The Texan hospitality is heartwarming. Many business deals are closed during a BBQ or steak dinner. Take the time to get to know people. Analyze the market thoroughly and get advice from experts.

Edward de Bock, Managing Partner at Houthoff, gives an insight into the international strategy of the Dutch law firm that settled next to the Netherlands in, among others, Houston, Texas.

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