Can you tell us something about Hint?

Hint was founded in 1992 in the Netherlands and in addition to the Dutch branch, we also have offices in Bahrain and in the U.S. (Houston).

We are a company that has specialized in measuring for 25 years: measuring quantity and quality in the world of oil and gas, but also in petrochemicals.

Via measuring instruments of all types and sizes, intelligent or not intelligent, we collect quality data that is processed in our software system called AML. As we always say “from sensor data to boardroom management knowledge.” Our system translates this data real time to the manager of the factory. For example, the dashboard in our system indicates at a glance whether maintenance should be carried out, whether the composition of the oil is not optimal, whether meters should be checked, but also that a filter must be ordered because it must be installed in the foreseeable future. By translating this information into work orders that have to be carried out, this ensures optimum efficiency. The ultimate goal is to make fewer people work more efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, we have a large database of highly specialized experienced consultants that we deploy when there is a need for it, for example for audits and projects, but also to contribute to the design plans for a new factory.

Why did Hint choose to open an office in Texas?

We have chosen to open an office in Texas because this state is the cradle for the oil and gas industry. Many of our relationships begin by designing the construction or expansion of their plant using engineering companies based in this state. Because we are a technological and innovative company, our technology must be described in the specifications in the initial phase of the project. By also having a branch in Houston, Hint can quickly act at the moment that expertise is required in our field. Our projects last an average of three to five years, so long-term relationships are a must for us. Because of the many trade fairs organized here, it is easy for us to keep in touch with our current relations but also to network for new potential relationships. We see Texas as the location and market for achieving strategic growth through partnerships and corporate takeovers.

What advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Doing business in Texas means a long-term investment. You can’t expect a few visits to Texas lead directly to success. Most deals are still made here in the “old boys network.” For example, anyone who has studied here at the well-known university for engineering, Texas A&M, is called an Aggie. It is well known that Aggies give each other the business. To be successful as a company, it is important that you really invest in your relationships. As soon as a Texan knows that you are here for the longer term and you want to contribute to the growth of the American economy, doing business goes fast and enjoyable. Once you participate in the American economy you’ll experience how pleasant the service orientation is, and you experience especially the enthusiasm among all people to be successful.

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