Catherine Van Zutphen Real Estate Broker

Can you tell us something about your business as a Broker?

About my business: I am a real estate broker working under the Keller Williams Memorial Realty umbrella. Working under this umbrella means that I have state of the art facilities and tools, but more importantly KW Memorial recognizes us as independent contractors and lets us run our businesses the way we want to within the confines of the Texas Real Estate Committee. Although I personally focus on residential real estate, I have great partnerships with commercial brokers and can offer assistance with any kind of real estate transactions. My passions are luxury and international real estate. I can work both on a local scale, as well as on an international scale. For my local Houston clients that means you get all the benefits of a local realtor, but on top of that you get international exposure and marketing through my network. Besides that, if you are looking to buy or sell in foreign countries I have aligned myself with specialists in many different countries, as well as specialists that can help with estate planning and health care among other things. If you want to make the world your playground, I can help you make that happen!

Why did you choose to open an office in Texas?

So I’m not going to lie, my husband’s work led us to Texas. I had bought and sold real estate before in other states, so it was a quick decision to get my license here as well. Well that was a decision I have never regretted. Houston has an amazing international scene and there is literally a property for everyone. Whether you are looking to invest, need a pied-à-terre, or want a luxury mansion, we can find you something. On the flip side, Houston is a major hub for many airlines and makes it easy to file anywhere. That means investing in a second home, vacation home or a retirement property abroad makes much more sense. Real estate is an exciting business to be in and in Houston the world is literally right at your doorstep!

What advice can you give to Dutch entrepreneurs who want to do business in Texas?

Advice for entrepreneurs: Texas, and Houston specifically, is huge, and there is opportunity for everyone. If you keep an open mind and are prepared to work hard you will find a market for just about anything. Although l have lived and worked in different places in the US, I have never experienced a community / market that is as international as Houston. As a Dutch person we have a reputation of being “global minded” and, depending on your line of business, in a market like ours that can definitely help give you an edge.

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