Remco F. Zeeuw, Economic Minister, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington DC

Remco Zeeuw (1966) started working as Economic Minister at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC in August 2013. In this capacity he is responsible for bilateral trade and investment promotion, trade policy, and World Bank relations. Previously, he held several positions at the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, most recently as deputy director European Affairs. He was Head of Delegation for the Netherlands and vice-Chairman of the European Commission’s Economic Policy Committee (2010-2014). Previously, Remco worked amongst others for the European Commission (2006-2010) and the Netherlands Ministry of Finance (1996-2000). Remco Zeeuw studied econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. He is married and has four children.

On trade between the Netherlands and the United States, and with Texas in particular, Remco states the following. The US-Dutch trade and investment relation is solid. The Netherlands is the number one destination of American foreign investments and The Netherlands is a fixture in the top five of largest foreign investors in the US. We are very proud of the trust that over 3000 American companies have put in our economy and political system by investing in The Netherlands. We are convinced that The Netherlands is the best place to set up shop in Europe and that there are many opportunities for Texan companies to do business in the Netherlands. If needed, we stand ready to support them.


On this side of the pond, Dutch companies are very happy with the pro-business attitude in Texas at the State, regional and country level. We work with our Texan partners to help Dutch companies in Texas to connect, compete, grow and create new jobs!


As a result the economic ties between Texas and The Netherlands 85.000 jobs are created in Texas. I am hopeful that we can create even more jobs in Texas. After all, Texas and The Netherlands have a partnership that works.


Posted by Mariella Priem June 29, 2017


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