Vice Mayor Robert Simons in Texas: Hydrogen & LSH

The vice mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Robert Simons, visited us in October, highlighting the key role Texas and the Netherlands have as leading hubs for the global hydrogen economy, and learning more about exiting new opportunities in the Texas Life Sciences and Health sector.

Texas Hydrogen Hub

The allocation of a national hydrogen hub to Texas in the fall of 2023 means that $1.2 billion in federal funding is available for development of the hydrogen economy along Texas Gulf Coast. Interesting for the relationship with the Netherlands is that this so-called ‘Hyvelocity Hub’ is the only one of the 7 designated hubs in the US that will export hydrogen, the other six producing mainly for local use. Click on the links below for more info on the Hyvelocity Hub.

Of course, considering the hydrogen economy developments in the Port of Rotterdam, these opportunities were discussed at length during the fourth NBSO Energy & Transition Dutch Networking Lunch which this time was hosted at the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP). Vice Mayor Simons opened the floor with the current state of affairs in Rotterdam and Consul General den Breems of CG Miami added on the efforts the Dutch government brings in to work towards a ‘transatlantic clean hydrogen corridor’ operating by 2026. GHP and HETI expanded on their current ambitions in Texas.

During the discussion, the industry highlighted several of the important needs they face to be able to move on:

  • Need for consistent transatlantic alignment on standards, rules & regulations (e.g., what exactly is ‘clean’ or ‘green’ energy and/or hydrogen)
  • Need for infrastructure: depending on clear policies and permits
  • Need for formal agreements to convince industry to invest in the still ‘risky’ H2 industry.

Finally, a possible Texas pavilion at World Hydrogen Conference in Rotterdam in May 2024 was discussed. Please let us know if you are interested in being involved.

H2 HyVelocity Hub:
Report ‘Houston as the epicenter of a global clean hydrogen hub’:

Opportunities in the LSH sector

In addition to being a major energy hub, Houston is also one of the largest Life Science & Health hubs in the world, and Vice Mayor Simons visited with Rotterdam Square a number of institutions including Texas Medical Center (TMC). Building on the MOU between TMC and Health Holland that was signed in Rotterdam in September, the team discussed the opportunities arising from the TMC BioBridge to be established in 2024.

Essentially, the BioBridge program provides a means for entrepreneurs, researchers, clinicians and industry partners from other countries to access the Texas market, as well as TMC experts. The Global Innovators Launch Pad allows for startup founders to take part in a 10-week residency at the TMC Innovation Factory that will teach them about foundational infrastructure, clinical evidence and funding in the US.

Interested? Please contact NBSO Texas and/or check out this website for more information: or l