Texas delegation visits the Netherlands to learn about Dutch flood protection

This week a delegation from Texas is visiting the Netherlands to learn about traditional and innovative Dutch approaches to flood protection. The Study Tour is led by our NBSO Texas Chief Representative Bee Kothuis and Senior Policy Officer Esther van Geloven of the Netherlands Consulate in Miami.
On the first day, representatives from the Gulf Coast Protection District, the Texas General Land Office, the US Army Corps of Engineers in Galveston, and Texas A&M University in Galveston visited several multi-purpose and multi-value sites along the North Sea coast and were updated on specifics of design by Dutch Engineering firms RHDHV and Arcadis.

At the Katwijk Dike-and-Parking-Garage-in-Dune and the Scheveningen Dike-in-Boulevard, it became clear that designs of protective structures can simultaneously increase the environmental quality and the local economic value of housing and tourism.

Strong winds and some rain did not stop the delegation from visiting the Sand Motor. This Nature Based Solution consists of a mega sand feed that will spread sediment along the coast for over 25 years, not only eliminating the need for annual sand nourishments but also providing economic, ecological, and social value.

In the coming days, the Texas delegation will conclude their trip with visits to several Storm Surge Barriers and meetings with local Water Authority Delfland, Rijskwaterstaat, Delft University of Technology, and Deltares.