Temporary Flood Defense by the Netherlands

Seven Temporary Flood Defense Solutions showcased at Rice University by Dutch company Boxbarrier and Hydra International in collaboration with NBSO Texas, the SSPEED Center, IDRT and TU Delft!

The demonstrations were introduced by professor Dr. Bas Jonkman of IDRT and Delft University; SSPEED Center director and Rice professor Dr. Phil Bedient; and NBSO chief representative Dr. Bee Kothuis. For the over 70 attendees, the professors emphasized the importance of temporary solutions as part of local and regional integrated flood risk reduction plans, both in the Netherlands and Texas. They also discussed Houston – Galveston Bay area challenges, and suggested to create a Texan facility for testing and researching Temporary Flood Defense Solutions for the Greater Houston area, like comparable test-facilities already in place in the Netherlands and Romania.

Raymond Hofer, managing director of Boxbarrier BV, presented on the location exhibited variety of temporary flood protection solutions from The Netherlands, USA and Canada, and the significant benefits they can bring to Houston and Galveston Bay, a region frequently affected by hurricanes, storms and flooding.

Attendees were then invited to walk along (and touch and feel!) the various features and installations, giving them a realistic sense of what these temporary solutions can provide for critical infrastructure and buildings.