Successful demonstration from Xyrec: empowering robots technology

NBSO Texas attended the official demonstration of Xyrec, a Dutch company in Texas which is revolutionizing the future of robotics, through giant laser robots developed in a special facility provided by Port San Antonio.

The Laser Coating removal Robot (the largest industrial robot in the world) was presented in Port San Antonio by Peter Boeijink, CEO of Xyrec. During the introduction, the Dutch executive described how the company is developing revolutionary technologies for the aircraft industry, increasing the safety, reducing costs, emissions and process time .

He also said that Xyrec is committed to contribute to the community and business of San Antonio. “Xyrec will use its wings to make the robotics in San Antonio bigger’, he mentioned during the event.

The panel discussion was also joined by Paco Felici, Chief of Staff and Communications Officer at Port San Antonio and Paul Evans, Director of Manufacturing Technologies Department at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The three executives had the opportunity to engage with the community and answer several questions form the audience.

Xyrec and San Antonio collaboration

XYREC, which launched its North American headquarters at Port San Antonio one year ago, is transforming how aircraft worldwide will be maintained.

By equipping the world’s largest movable industrial robot with powerful advanced laser technology, XYREC’s innovation is able to strip the paint from aircraft fuselage in record time and with minimal waste. What’s more, the revolutionary technology does a world of good for the environment by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and thousands of gallons of water per aircraft that are required for traditional de-painting methods.

NBSO Texas News: Netherlands-based XYREC Inc. will launch its first U.S. site at Port San Antonio (