Sinterklaas 2022

Saturday, December 3, was definitely a day to remember: Sinterklaas visited Houston!

Everybody, young and old got overly excited when an old “steam truck” instead of a steamboat arrived at the St. Basil Great Greek Orthodox Church. Sinterklaas and his helpers were warmly welcomed by about 250 people, about half of them children. After the Ultimate Sinterklaas Quiz and a group picture the children and their families could enjoy typical Dutch Sinterklaas treats and other precious Dutch food and drinks and participate in fun activities both inside and outside where the presence of Piets made this extra fun. In the meantime, each family had the opportunity to visit Sinterklaas and spend a little quality time with him, where a couple of Piets helped him to give the children a present and a goody bag for on the road. After all the excitement and being filled with all the good food and drinks, families left with a happy smiles on their faces. On behalf of the Sinterklaas In Houston Committee, all the participants, and last but not least Sinterklaas himself, we like to thank everybody who has helped making this event a success: all the volunteers, the logistic Piets, and of course the generosity of the sponsors!

To learn more and/or to be notified for the next year, follow @SinterklaasInHouston both on Facebook and Instagram. The organization can be reached at [email protected] and operates under the Dutch Heritage and Culture Foundation.