New coworking space for biotech startups opens in Houston

Houston’s robust life sciences ecosystem is about to welcome a new coworking space for early-stage biotech startups.

K2bio Labs will offer experienced biotech research managers, staff and other resources in a state-of-the-art facility just south of the 610 loop, including a mix of shared and private research laboratory spaces. The facility officially opens in September.

K2 BioLabs is finishing construction on a 28,345-square-foot facility at 2710 Reed Road, that will serve as a coworking space for early-stage companies developing clinical pipelines toward commercialization. K2bio contains shared and private research laboratory space, desk space, a mouse vivarium, a process development laboratory and on-site access to experienced research managers and lab staff.

K2bio aims to offer turnkey services to biotech and biopharmaceutical companies that become members. The facility has millions of dollars in medical equipment and machinery for companies to use in the research and development process. The on-site animal vivarium enables companies to execute their own rodent studies, a crucial step toward submitting an Investigational New Drug Application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Excess lab supplies will be stored in the facility’s warehouse for use by the member companies.


Greater Houston Partnership and Houston Business Journal