NBSO explores the Automotive Industry in Texas

On October 14 and 15 – 2021, the teams from the Netherlands Business Office Support in Texas and Queretaro, Mexico participated in the Automotive Industry Summit 2021, in San Antonio Texas.

The USMCA Automotive Industry Summit is the largest and most important automotive event in North America. Their conference and tradeshow every year converge the North America’s Auto Industry, including the US, Mexico, and Canada.

This year the event took place again in person, with the participation of different experts from the industry who shared the actual and future panorama of this business in the region.

Texas is home to more than 532 automaker firms and serves as a primary link between Mexico’s auto plants and the rest of the U.S. auto industry. In this context, NBSO Texas and NBSO Mexico are looking to collaborate to serve Dutch companies in this industry that want to explore the Texas-Mexico corridor.

Read the note from NBSO Mexico here: Succesvolle USMCA Automotive Industry Summit – Nedmextrade.com