CERA Week Innovation Agora

Challenges and opportunities for hydrogen in transforming the energy industry were a major focus of discussions at the Innovation Agora in Houston. The Innovation Agora is part of CERA Week Houston, one of the world’s premier energy conferences. At the Agora, new and daring ideas and insights are shared in hubs, pods and studios, exploring the technology frontiers around energy transition challenges and opportunities.

A key topic is indeed the role of hydrogen in energy transition, discussing challenges like ‘dealing with ammonia at scale’, ‘international certification and consistent criteria’ and opportunities such as ‘accelerating the supply and demand markets for green hydrogen through a secured, auction-based off-take’. The latter is a German-European initiative in collaboration with several Dutch companies https://www.h2-global.de

Of course, Dutch SMEs are also getting involved in the emerging energy transition market: we spotted Henk de Boer of Dutch company Strohm, the world’s first and leading manufacturer of fully bonded, Thermoplastic Composite Pipe.

Henk presented the Strohm philosophy in the studio ‘Adapting Proven Technologies to Accelerate Deep Decarbonization’ and their products in a special pod at the Innovation Agora. https://ceraweek.com/speakers/henk-de-boer/