Public Project Bids

Doing business with different government entities can be lucrative, and it adds legitimacy to your business when seeking future clients in Texas. Many organizations, such as hospitals or constructors, want to see that you’ve done business in the state before taking you on as a business partner.

Getting approved as a business partner with different cities, counties and statewide organizations requires some homework. Each may have its own regulations, budgets, and incentives for doing business with them, so it’s important to know your market to have an effective approach.

Tips For Doing Business with the State of Texas

State agencies and some institutions of higher education are required to use the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) when purchasing commodities and services, so you are encouraged to register your business with this list.

You can familiarize yourself with the purchasing needs of the state by reading through the Historically Underutilized Business Report. (HUB)

Attending Economic Opportunity Forums (EOFs) will help you build a network with purchasers and HUB coordinators. In-person introductions are important in the State of Texas and can help distinguish your business.

Public Project bids and purchasing:



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