Word2Act is the US-based 501(c)(3) certified regional headquarters for the Dutch development NGO Woord en Daad (W&D) and the Dutch impact investment company Incluvest. Word2Act's home office is situated in Washington D.C. Word2Act is currently mainly active in the region of New York/Washington, Houston and Michigan.


Project Drops for Crops

In the project ‘Drops for Crops’ we work together with the farmers of the dry North of Burkina Faso, on an efficient way to use water. The goal is that, in the end, the whole area profits of every available drop of water in a durable way!

The project purpose is to implement integrated water resource management measures and efficient water use in water challenged North Burkina. In effect, this will boost water efficient

off-season horticulture production on 285ha (4.300 MT onion and 1.000 MT potato) for 1,596 smallholder vegetable producers (SVPs), among which 63% vulnerable smallholders and 49% women. Income improvement is expected to be on average 500 euro per year per farmer. We will reach this through investments in sustainable access to water and sustainable water management in 4 rivers basins, and facilitating a critical service package for SVPs providing credit for investments in water-efficient tech (35% water efficiency improvement), climate smart agri-training and secured land access. Access to a vegetable growth market is secured through

organized value chains. In total at least 19,172 rural poor benefit from this project directly.


Key outputs and outcomes:

• Adapted, efficient and sustainable water solutions for high productive horticulture adopted by producers;

• Increased value chain organization and cooperation;

• Competitiveness of vegetable/ onion value chain increased, with inclusion of women;

• Governance and local policy on agricultural development for irrigated vegetable production reinforced;

• Multi-purpose use (MUS) of water sources (both potable water sources and irrigation sources)



The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports this project with a grant of no less than 2,4 million euros. Another 1 million is necessary to turn this project into a success and to make a change for Northern Burkina Faso. The NGO Living Water already supports this project, now we are looking for more donors!


What we need
We need an additional $1 million in total, which can be allocated evenly over the next 5 years. We invite you to be part of a unique consortium of professional investors with a strong track record on impact investment, which will guarantee a successful project. The Dutch are known for their knowledge and expertise when it comes to water management worldwide, underlining the potential of this project. With these combined strengths and efforts, we can realize an enormous impact on the day to day situation of the people in North Burkina Faso, something which is hard to achieve by an individual party. From November 29- December 2nd, Wim Hasselman, VP of Word2Act will visit Houston. Together with the NBSO, a round table event will be organized during this visit for potential interested donors, to learn more about the project in Burkina Faso.


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