On November the 22nd- 23rd twofold world champion of the world solar challenge (2013 and 2015) Stella Lux family solar car visited Austin. TU Eindhoven's successful solar team teamed up with the solar team of the University of Texas in Austin, who build solar car TexSun, to showcase both solar powered cars in the smart city capital of the world. The visit of the TU Eindhoven solar team was part of strong ties between GSC3 partnership and PIB, the NBSO-Texas, The University of Texas in Austin and NXP.



​After unloading the cars from big trucks and picking up Mayor Adler at City Hall, Stella Lux and TexSun formed a remarkable convoy through the city of Austin. After this ride, both cars where showcased at the campus of the University of Texas in Austin, which attracted a big crowd. In the meantime, those who were interested had the ability to listen to very interesting lecture on the development of solar cars by prof. Gary Hallock, the mentor of the solar team in Austin. This lecture was followed by a very interesting presentation of  Mitchell Jacobson, the Co-Director of ATI Clean Energy Incubator, who told the team all about funding and mentoring for technical start-ups by an incubator.


​The Stella Lux sounds amazing, right? According to the proud solar team she is:


"She is intelligent, she is comfortable and she can drive from Eindhoven to Paris and back again, on

one single charge. Im talking here about the car of the future.

We bring Solar Mobility closer to society and its people. Therefore we make R&D Prototypes. Our

very first prototype was Stella. Now, Stella is made of the most advanced technologies which made

the impossible possible: Stella is World’s First Solar Powered Family car. She is designed in such an

efficient way that instead of using energy, she produces energy. This means that you are

independent of the energy grid and that you do not have to fuel or charge your car no longer.


That is what we do, We are Solar Team Eindhoven and we build a world where Solar Mobility is

reality. And we continue this path. Stella Lux was built and tested in the World Solar Challenge 2013.


 A car that can drive 1000 km on one single charge. Now, you can take your electric car to a holiday"


Want to learn more about this car, visit this page:




December 02, 2016


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