850 new jobs coming to Arlington

Juni 2017 | Arlington, Texas

Since January 6, 1954 the general motors Arlington Assembly plant has been building world-class vehicles in Texas. A few days ago, GM announced to build new supplier facilities near their existing GM plant, resulting in 850 new jobs coming to Arlington. 

Despite the blazing heat, a small crowd gathered Friday for the groundbreaking for a new General Motors facility in Arlington. Among the crowd was Republican Sen. Ted Cruz who was immediately surrounded by a gaggle of local media before taking the stage.  

“My number one priority in the Senate is jobs, jobs, jobs, and that’s for a very simple reason: The number one priority for Texans all across our great state is jobs, jobs, jobs,” he said. “And we’re here celebrating 850 new jobs.”      

GM’s new supplier park will produce and assemble vehicle interiors for their lineup of SUV’s coming off the line across the road. GM expects the new facility to house 1,250 employees – including 850 new jobs coming to Arlington. According to company officials, 600 of the new jobs are replacing those sent overseas.

“That is a major accomplishment, and we are grateful,” said Cruz. “General Motors is an iconic business. General Motors is a business that helped build America. And General Motors has been an important part of the Texas economy for over 6 decades.”

The new jobs are in addition to the 7,000 jobs and $1 billion of investments nationwide that GM announced earlier this year.

The state-of-the-art suppliers park is scheduled to open next summer, bringing with it millions of dollars in potential revenue for the City of Arlington, said Mayor Jeff Williams.

“It allows us to provide high-quality services, police and fire, the library, the parks, our streets,” Williams said. “What a great day to be in Arlington.”

Since the Arlington plant first opened in 1954, it’s produced 10 million cars, trucks and SUVs, company officials said. Building supplier facilities near existing GM plants is the new status quo for the car-maker. Over the last four years, GM said it’s saved $1 billion by having suppliers closer to their plants.

“This is a well-known drill,” said Steve Kiefer, General Motors senior vice president of global purchasing and supply chain. “As we say in our industry, every billion matters.”

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