The largest medical centre of the world is the Texas Medical Center in Houston 

106.000 employees, 7.2 million anual visitors at 1345 hectare.
Forbes: If random Americans were surveyed about what they thought was the nation’s–and world’s–largest medical center, they might have predictable answers. Among the guesses would be the Cleveland Clinic or the Mayo Clinic, or something out of America’s most culturally-notable cities, like New York-Presbyterian Hospital. But they would be wrong. The answer lies in a lesser-known center that sits within a city of underrated economic Lees meer
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Texas strong: Economy remains resilient as oil prices fall 

Oil prices can't mess with Texas. Some economists warned last year that Texas could slide into a recession in 2015 as oil prices tanked. Last week, prices hit a 6-year low to $42, down from $100 a barrel a year ago. But Texas added jobs in five of the first six months this year. The state's 4.2% unemployment rate has actually ticked down a little this year, and it's well below the nation's 5.3% rate, according to the Federal Reserve Lees meer
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The Texas 'economic miracle' is far from finished 

Freedom is the intangible but very real promise of Texas that encourages businesses to grow in the Lone Star State. It's no surprise Texas is again ranked the best state for business—for the 11th year in a row—according to Chief Executive's survey of the nation's top CEOs. Businesses succeed in Texas because we've built a framework that allows free enterprise to flourish. Less government, lower taxes, smarter regulations and right-to-work Lees meer
June 25, 2015 Categories: Economy

Austin verslaat Silicon Valley 

Austin verslaat San Jose en San Francisco uit Silicon Valley als de Amerikaanse stad met de meeste start ups in 2015. De Kauffman Index heeft deze gegevens vorige week bekend gemaakt. Austin, de thuisbasis van South by Southwest (SXSW) waar ieder jaar in maart duizenden ondernemers en vernieuwers bijeenkomen, krijgt er iedere maand bijna 4.900 nieuwe ondernemers bij. Ongeveer 80% van de mensen stoppen met hun baan, om een eigen bedrijf op Lees meer
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Smart Cities and Communities Nederland Texas 

Een handelsmissie in 2013 leidde tot een 'smart grid'-partnerschap tussen bedrijven en instellingen in Nederland en Texas. Inmiddels is de scope van het partnerschap breder geworden. De samenwerking richt zich nu op vraagstukken rond smart cities en communities. Dit betekent dat de bedrijven en organisaties samen plannen ontwikkelen op het gebied van energievoorziening, water, afval en infrastructuur, en hoe je daar in de toekomst vorm Lees meer
June 17, 2015 Categories: Handelsmissie Smart Grid
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