World Champion Stella Lux visits Austin! 


The car of the future, the Stella LUX Solar Family Car will be in Austin this November the 22nd and 23rd. The Stella Lux is two-times World Champion World Challenge Australia 2013 and 2015. The car will be driving around Austin at 10.30 am on Tuesday November, the 22nd with Mayor Adler and accompanied by the UT Texas Solar car. 


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Austin ranks no. 1 in the Kauffman start-up index 

The Kauffman Index, from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, measures entrepreneurship at the national, state and metropolitan levels across a three metrics: the rate of new entrepreneurs, the number of entrepreneurs who started their companies when unemployed, and the number of startups per capita.

According to the data, roughly 555 out of every 100,000 adults in the Austin region became entrepreneurs in a given month during the past five years, on average. Further, nearly eight out of 10 new entrepreneurs in the Austin area were employed at the time they created their startups, on average. Lastly, Austin claims about 180 startup businesses – defined as businesses less than a year old that employ at least one person besides the owner – per 100,000 residents. You can explore Austin's data in the chart embedded below this story.

In 2014, the Kauffman Index ranked Austin No. 2. San Jose, California, ranked No. 1 in the 2014 report, fell two spots to No. 3 in this year's edition.

The latest Kauffman Index ranked Miami as No. 2, with Los Angeles as No. 4, followed by Denver, San Francisco, and New York City. The full metro-area rankings from the report can be found here.

Elsewhere in Texas, Houston snagged the No. 8 spot, climbing one spot in the rankings from last year, while San Antonio ranked 10th. Dallas-Fort Worth fell two spots to No. 15.

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New Honoray Consul 

We are honored to introduce you to our new honorary consul Mabrie Jackson. In joint collaboration with the NBSO-Texas, Mabrie will play an important role in the development of the Dallas-Forth Worth region for Dutch entrepreneurs. Her diverse background and strong network combined with the multiple opportunities of this booming region, will make it possible to give Dutch companies the best advice!








Mabrie Jackson joined H-E-B/Central Market as Director of Public Affairs in March 2016.  Jackson comes to the Texasbased retail grocer from the North Texas Commission, where she served as its President and CEO 2010-2016 and the 45 year-old organization’s first female leader. Jackson brings to H-E-B a varied background that includes public service through a seat on the Plano City Council, roles with Fortune 500 companies and serving as the interim President and CEO of the Plano Chamber of Commerce. After stepping down from the Plano City Council in 2009, Jackson ran for the Texas Legislature as the Republican primary and run-off election candidate for the Texas House District 66 seat. An advocate for global trade, Jackson currently serves as the Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dallas.
Accompanying her civic and political background, Jackson brings an extensive history of corporate experience. She worked at Microsoft Corporation for 13 years incubating award-winning, revenue-producing relationships with international, national and local technology companies. Prior to Microsoft, Jackson spent 10 years in financial services marketing for EDS. She worked in virtually every aspect of public relations, including media relations, marketing collateral, advertisements, promotions and special events.  
Jackson currently serves as Chair of the Advisory Council for the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas, a member of the Energy Future Holdings Sustainable Energy Advisory Board, a director of the HCA Medical Center of Plano Board, and Prison Entrepreneur Program (PEP) Advisory Board.  She is a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow. Jackson previously served as President of the Collin County Child Protective Services Board, on the University of North Texas President Search Committee, a Governor’s Appointee to the Statewide Health Coordinating Council, on the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee, Vision North Texas Management Committee, the North Central Texas Council of Governments Clean Air Steering Committee, AT&T Performing Arts Center Communications Committee, Texas Association of Business Board, H. Wayne Hendrick Scholarship Board, the Assistance Center of Collin County Board, and as a member of several National League of Cities and Texas Municipal League committees. 
Jackson is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at SMU in Global Studies and is a graduate of Plano Senior High School and The University of Texas at Austin. While attending the university, she served as a legislative assistant in the Texas House of Representatives. She is also a graduate of the Georgetown University Global Leadership Program. Mabrie is married to Marshall Jackson, and they have two sons. 

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Nationaal Export Event- Nieuwegein 

Nationaal Export Event

woensdag 2 november 2016 | Nieuwegein

Op woensdag 2 november a.s. organiseren DHL Express, Fenedex, ING, het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken en de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland ( voor de zevende keer het Nationaal Export Event. Hét evenement voor startende en ervaren exporteurs die meer willen weten over internationaal zakendoen. 

Op het Nationaal Export Event draait alles om investeren in internationaal succes. Wij bieden een boeiend dagprogramma met vooraanstaande sprekers, workshops en huiskamergesprekken over actuele thema's en de uitreiking van de Nationale Exportmanager Award 2016.

Ook dit jaar kunt u individuele gesprekken inplannen met Nederlandse diplomatieke vertegenwoordigers uit meer dan 100 landen en specialisten van ING, DHL, Fenedex en Daarnaast is volop ruimte om te netwerken met collega-ondernemers.

Wij heten u van harte welkom in De Woonindustrie in Nieuwegein.


08:30 uur   inloop en inschrijving

09:00 uur   Start adviesgesprekken

10:00 uur   Plenair programma met o.a.:

Marten van den Berg | Directeur Generaal Buitenlandse Economische Betrekkingen | ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

        Thecla Bodewes | CEO Bodewes Scheepswerven

Marieke Blom | ING

Goof Hamers| VanderLande Industries

11:05 uur   Finale Nationale Exportmanager Award

12:15 uur   Netwerk lunch

- Vind uw collega-exporteurs en wissel ervaringen uit.

– Spreek met specialisten in de verschillende regio’s

13:45 uur   Workshops en Huiskamergesprekken | ronde 1

15:00 uur   Workshops en Huiskamergesprekken | ronde 2

16:00 uur   Netwerk borrel



Datum:             woensdag 2 november 2016

Tijd:                 van 8:30 tot 17:00 uur

Waar:               De Woonindustrie | Symfonielaan 1 | Nieuwegein

Kosten:            Deelname is gratis

Bij no-show zonder afmelding wordt van € 225,-in rekening gebracht.

Aanmelden:      U kunt u tot uiterlijk 19 oktober via deze link aanmelden voor de gesprekken. Voor het evenement zelf kunt u zicht tot 28 oktober aanmelden (via dezelfde link).

Let op:             Het Nationaal Export Event is primair bedoeld voor exporteurs van goederen en diensten. De organisatie streeft ernaar het programma zo optimaal mogelijk te laten aansluiten op deze doelgroep. Gezien de exclusiviteit van dit event, en om een goede balans van deelnemers te waarborgen zullen aanmeldingen en daarmee de toelating tot het Nationaal Export Event worden getoetst aan de doelgroep. De bedrijven die niet tot de primaire doelgroep behoren horen uiterlijk een week van tevoren of ze kunnen deelnemen aan dit evenement.


Nationaal Export Event





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Damen opens first North American office in Houston 

  Damen Stan tug for Young Brothers

Netherlands-based shipbuilding group Damen opened its first North American office on Monday, and it already has its first order: four new twin-screw tugs for Young Brothers of Hawaii, a division of Saltchuk. 

The 120-foot ocean-going tugs will be built at Conrad Shipyard in Louisiana under a license agreement, and delivery is scheduled beginning in the first quarter of 2018. 

“Opening a permanent Damen presence in North America is a significant milestone for the group,” said Jan van Hogerwou, senior manager for new construction. “With over 200 Damen design vessels built and delivered in the US, this has been an important market for our vessels for many years via our flexible licensing agreements, and we have enjoyed excellent cooperation with shipyards across the country. This latest initiative will enable us to strengthen our relationships further with both builders and operators.”

The office is in Houston, and Damen says that the location was chosen as a signal to the offshore industry – a means of demonstrating commitment to offshore despite the current downturn. 

Damen is a diversified shipbuilding and ship design firm, with over 30 shipyard, repair yard and related units around the globe. In years past it has won many orders for offshore vessels, and while the recent downturn has had an effect on ordering activity in that market, the firm's strong presence in design and construction of tugs, wind farm service ships, military and coast guard patrol boats, ferries, and other specialty vessels has helped it stay balanced. As of the end of last year, the firm had a total orderbook value of more than $3 billion, according to Dutch news outlet FD. 

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Living, working and doing business in Texas 


Besides the endless opportunities the different sectors in Texas provide for the start and growth of your business in the US, Texas also offers a great lifestyle.

Low costs of living

First of all, the employees don’t pay personal income tax to the state and there is also no corporate tax. Also the costs of living are lower in Texas compared to other states.

The mild regulations and weak unions result in lower costs to start a business in Texas. Utilities like gas, water and electricity are also relatively cheap, because Texas has his own power grid and Texas still provides his own oil and gas.

Texas is a massive state and because of this land-richness real estate is relatively cheap.

Also the strong economy, low employability rate and excellent school system, makes Texas an attractive state to move to with your family members.

Texas is wanted
Texas is hot and wanted. According to Forbes’ annual list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities 6 of the top 20 largest cities in the U.S. are in Texas. According to a report released by the Census Bureau, Texas is also home to 5 of the 11 fastest growing cities in 2016, with Austin as the #1. Hordes of people are moving in (3,15% population growth rate in 2016 and 3,28% increase in job opportunities). Also 5 of the 8 cities that added the most people in sheer numbers are also in Texas: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin.

According to Chief Executive magazine, leaders favor states with fewer regulatory encumbrances and less federal or state interventions. Chief Executive asked 513 CEO’s to rank the states they are familiar with on the friendliness of their tax and regulatory regime, workforce quality and living environment (cost of living, education system and local attitude toward business). Texas has topped the list for 12 years in a row.

Reasons for attractiveness

Why is it that Texas has been able to retain its business attractiveness for such a long period? One of the reasons is the pro-growth policy decisions. The motto of the city is to keep Texas ‘the beacon of opportunities’ and business and political leaders in Texas know that they have to keep this motto going. After taking office, Gov. Abbott has continued and perhaps even intensified the business-friendly culture that was built by his predecessor, Gov. Perry. In Texas business and industry are working hand-in hand with policymakers to create an open market where business can prosper. Gov. Abbott has used the Texas Enterprise fund as a ‘deal closing fund’ to attract new jobs and investments to the state, which makes it easier for company decision-makers to choose Texas as the state to relocate their facilities. The perceived attractiveness of the lone star state is not only influenced by taxes and regulations, but also on migration between states and wise policy decisions; a lot of tax payers have changed their state of residency tot Texas in the past few years. In 2015, nearly half a million people moved to Texas. Another reason for this perceived business attractiveness is industrial diversification. Through industrial diversification, Texas has been able to overcome a decline in economic output resulting from lower oil prices and continues to court companies with its so-called ‘pro-business environment.’


Historically, Silicon Valley and Seattle have been seen as the tech meccas for the US, but over the last two decades this has changed. More and more companies that once looked at a location on either American coast as an advantage are now considering the logistical and cost advantages of locating in Texas. A good example is the North Dallas area, where a growing number of big companies are deciding to locate or relocate operations. Toyota, for example, is in the process of moving his headquarters and 4000 jobs form Torrance, California to Plano, Texas in 2017. There are more workers to be transferred from the Californian office to Texas than anticipated, because the employees found out what kind of house they can buy for the money compared with California.

Cost of living compared

The cost of living index as calculated by the Council for Community and Economic Research and published by PayScale, gives a grasp on how much the differences are. We have compared the cost of living in Austin Texas with other technical hubs like Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. The cost of living index is based on the following categories: Groceries, Housing, Utilities, Transportations and Health Care. So for example, the overall cost of living is 45% lower in Austin, compared to Boston and 131% lower when compared to NYC.

Overall Cost of living index

Compared to …



clip_image007 45%


clip_image008 24%


clip_image009 131%

San Francisco

clip_image010 72%


clip_image008[1] 31%







Whether it is groceries, housing, utilities, transportations or health care, Austin -and with Austin, Texas- gives you to most economical options to set up shop in the United States.

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Houston prepares for Super Bowl 51 

With 186 days on the clock until the Super Bowl L1 deadline, can- do city Houston is preparing enthusiastically to be the best Super Bowl host in history. After the Super Bowl 50 NASA astronauts even threw a football in space as a sort of ribbon cutting, for this preparation time. At this moment the noise from construction sites may be the official sound of downtown. From road construction to art installations and public gathering spots, downtown will get quite the before. High-rise buildings arise out of nowhere, including a 1000 plus room Marriott Marquis Hotel that is planned to open in September 2016.  According to the sr. PR Manager of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, a total of $3.5 billion has been invested into infrastructure and development, including $1.5 billion on the Downtown Entertainment District. This money is not only spent for The Big Game, but it creates deadlines for projects to be completed. Discovery Green for example, will be the home to a 10-day fan festival, along with surrounding parking lots and the George R. Brown Convention Center, before the game is played at NRG Stadium, home to the Houston Texans. The city wants to become more of a center of activity for locals and tourists. The Super Bowl 51 in February 2017 is not the first big event to be hosted by Houston. Houston also hosted the Super Bowl in 2004 and the successful hosting of The Final Four and the NBA All-Star Game were the key factors in awarding the game to Houston in 2013. The Houston Super Bowl Host Committee is very optimistic about the positive impact the exposure resulting from game will have on the city. The Super Bowl has brought in an average of $330 million of revenue to the host city and the committee expects a similar number in 2017. The Committee has announced 16 Founding sponsors: Accenture, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Bud Light/Silver Eagle Distributors, Camden Property Trust, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Energy XXI, Halliburton, Hess Corporation, Houston Texans, Memorial Hermann, Noble Energy Inc., NRG Energy, Shell Oil Company, Sysco Corporation and Texas Medical Center. Critics say the positive impact on the host city need to be seen in the light of some cons that are associated with hosting an event like the Super Bowl. A big event like that can drive regular tourist and local traffic away, who will spend less in the city. Another critical sound is the amount of tax payer’s money that will go into hosting the game, not to mention the heightened security. To put all the cons aside; the already proud Houstonians are beyond excited to flaunt themselves on the world stage during the Super Bowl, which is the most important gain from this game!

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Cybersecurity in San Antonio, TX 

'I’m confident we can unleash the full potential of American innovation, and ensure our prosperity and security online for the generations to come.'

						President Obama


Cybersecurity in the United States

From the beginning of his administration, President Obama has made it clear that cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges the US faces as a nation, and for good reason. Criminals, terrorists, and countries that wish to do harm have realized that attacking online is often easier than physically attacking in person. This year, experts say we'll have a total of 6.8 billion connected devices on the planet, each one a tempting portal for hackers who want to steal your identity, your savings, or even shut down a city. A cyberattack on the power grid is not unthinkable and will have major consequences, because a large part of the nation’s power grid is build more than 100 years ago. And with more and more sensitive data being stored online, the consequences of those cyber incidents are only growing more significant. For example, identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in America. The 2016 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, found that $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million U.S. consumers in 2015, compared with $16 billion and 12.7 million victims a year earlier. With the massive use of media like Facebook, Venmo and Dropbox, our personal information exists online in a way it never has before. 

Cybersecurity is a ‘hot topic’ in the United States. President Obama appointed 10 extra individuals to key administration posts regarding cybersecurity and the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan invests more than $19 billion for cybersecurity as part of the President’s budget – a more than 35 percent increase from last year’s request to secure the nation in the future.

Cybersecurity in San Antonio, Texas

The state of Texas is #2 in the nation for science and technology and according to the National Security Agency, San Antonio TX is #2 in the nation for information assurance, behind only Washington, D.C. San Antonio’s association with the military, continually thriving private cybersecurity enterprises and nationally recognized technology and research institutions has helped create a unique combination of cyber resources useful to many business operations.

San Antonio, historically known as America’s home for military training and operational excellence, has now expanded its role as one of the premier centers for Cybersecurity in the U.S. San Antonio is home to 40 locally headquartered cybersecurity firms and an industrial base of over 100 firms focused on cybersecurity and intelligence sectors. The University of Texas at San Antonio boasts the top cybersecurity school in the nation. Most recently, San Antonio opened its first cybersecurity focused incubator, Build Sec Foundry. The incubator, based in downtown San Antonio’s growing tech district, is focused on accelerating early-stage, high-growth security product startups.  San Antonio is increasingly becoming known as “Cyber City, USA”, also mainly because the new federal cybersecurity operation, the U.S. Air Force Cyber Command (24th Air Force) is housed in San Antonio. San Antonio has a large population of experienced cyber technology personnel, certified as Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs). There are 60000 people working in the science and technology workforce and 80000 people working in the department of Defense personnel.

The city offers the kind of network connectivity needed to support all security levels of Global Cyber Operations such as the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System and the National Security Agency Nets, DISA GIG Network (Defense Information Systems Network) and GIG-BE (Global Information Grid Bandwidth Expansion, which helps link major government intel community sites)..San Antonio also has the # 2 concentration of data centers in the U.S. and 80-plus companies specializing in defense technology.


The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) UTSA is home to the nation’s top cybersecurity program and has long been a pioneer in cybersecurity. UTSA has made cybersecurity a top academic priority. There are nearly 160,000 students in 15 colleges and universities in the area. Many of them with access to outstanding academic programs focused on cyber science. In 2002, the university conducted the nation’s first mock terrorism exercise in San Antonio. Three years later, it hosted the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, a challenge that has grown from five Texas teams to more than 200 teams from schools around the country and 10 regional qualifying events. The challenge has become an annual scouting ground for industry, government and military organizations looking to hire the nation’s top talent.


Most recently, San Antonio opened its first cybersecurity focused incubator, Build Sec Foundry. The incubator, based in downtown San Antonio’s growing tech district, is focused on accelerating early-stage, high-growth security product startups.

Cybersecurity Ventures’ Top 500 Cybersecurity firms with a presence in San Antonio include:

Root9B (#1)

Digital Defense (#21)

PwC (#32)

Booz Allen Hamilton (#35)

Accenture (#51)

Northrop Grumman (#54)

Lockheed Martin (#65)

Inspired eLearning (#85)

Fidelis (#110)

Globalscape (#147)

Innove (#195)

Infocyte (#280)

General Dynamics (#281)

Futurex (#295)

Denim Group (#302)

EndGame (#403)

Dragos Security (#473)

Dutch companies and institutions in SA

Cyber security is not only a hot topic in the United States, also the Netherlands has to build a sufficient defense system. UTSA and the 80-plus companies specialized in cyber security offer a unique opportunity for Dutch companies and institutions to gain access to top notch cyber security intelligence in both systems and employees. Collaborating and knowledge sharing with companies and institutions in San Antonio on the topic of cyber security will enlarge the defensibility of the Netherlands against cyber criminality and to provide an open and stable information society. We can help you to gain access to this cyber security world of San Antonio; contact us for the right contacts and more information.  


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Texas is again the strongest economic partner of the Netherlands 











The Netherlands Business Support Office-Texas (NBSO- Texas) and the  Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce -Texas Chapter (NACCTX) proudly share the new US- Dutch trade and investment data analyzed by the Royal Netherlands Embassy. This data shows once again that the Netherlands and the USA have a partnership that works. But we are even more proud of the fact that Texas is (again) proven to be the strongest economic partner of the Netherlands among the 50 states. In Texas 86,000 jobs are supported by Dutch-US trade and investment in 2013 and the state is also the biggest exporter to the Netherlands, sending $6.8 billion in goods and services across the ocean in 2015. Curious about the opportunities for your business in Texas? Contact us at: or 

For more information on the Dutch-US trade and investment data, visit:

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Kingdom of The Netherlands innovation mission in Austin, TX 

Global Smart City and Communities

NBSO- Texas was happy and honored to welcome the Innovation Mission from the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Austin, TX. On June 13-15, the city of Austin was the global center of the Smart City movement when it hosted three of the largest global smart city IoT (Internet of things) events at the Convention Center. The co-location of The Smart Cities Innovation Summit, the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) and the US Ignite Application Summit created the most comprehensive showcase and accelerator of smart city innovation world-wide and it was a huge success thanks to the 2000 attendees and exhibitors. During these events over 100 cities and their leadership are brought together in Austin to share their challenges and solutions and to partner with new innovative technology and service providers. With a delegation of representatives from 4 municipalities, 32 companies and the ministries of Infrastructure and the Environment, Economical affairs and Foreign affairs, The Netherlands and Curacao were strikingly present in Austin, TX.

Before the start of the events the Dutch delegation had the opportunity to pay a visit to the NXP facilities in Austin and to listen to a presentation by the CEO of NXP on smart city developments in the US. During the evening, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the NBSO-Texas organized the Executive Launch Networking Reception in downtown Austin for further matchmaking between the Dutch delegation and executives from the city of Austin, leadership, technology and business communities.

Day 1 started with the Global City Team Challenge (GCTC). The GCTC is an initiative designed to advance the deployment of IoT technologies within a smart city/ smart community environment. The focus is on city projects that are replicable, scalable, measurable and interoperable. The GCTC hosts a unique open Showcase of over 100 smart city best practices and projects from around the globe with city focused presentations, matchmaking and discussions on smart city deployment challenges and opportunities. At the Expo, participants and attendees were able to hear form Federal and Mayoral keynote speakers as they were discussing the future of smart cities and the role of synergetic relationships between the cities and the innovative IOT technologies. Participants who visited the Global smart city & community coalition booth had the rare opportunity to ‘visit’ the collaborating cities through VR glasses. At the end of Day 1 the matchmaking and knowledge sharing continued at the Global Smart Cities VIP Reception cohosted by The Netherlands, Google, NXP and US Ignite. Click on the link below for a video of day 1.

GSC3 in Austin Day 1

On Day 2 and 3 the Holland Pavilion opened her doors to welcome the participants of the Smart Cities Innovation Summit. The orange Holland Pavilion marked the corner of the expo floor very clearly and was the home base for the Dutch delegation for on the spot matchmaking opportunities. Besides that, the participants could attend many workshops and keynote sessions on energy, infrastructure networks, resilience, mobility and government. Visitors were able to view the smart city solutions from all the cities in the Global smart city & community coalition. Click on the links below for videos of 2 and 3.

GSC3 in Austin Day 2

GSC3 in Austin Day 3

Before heading back to The Netherlands, the Dutch Delegation visited the Seaholm Eco district and the Seaholm Power Plant, followed by three workshops at Pecan street, smart energy living lab after which the delegation got a further grasp on the smart city solutions in Austin and the opportunities for further collaboration in the future.











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