De balans opgemaakt na Harvey 

Wat kunnen we doen?

6 december 2017 | Een bericht van Houston Chronical, David Hunn and Ryan Maye Handy

Nadat orkaan Harvey de regio van Houston letterlijk heeft overstroomd, kwamen de vragen: wat kunnen we doen om dit in de toekomst te voorkomen? Hoe kunnen we onze regio beter beschermen?

De Houston Chronicle organiseerde een open forum dat bezocht werd door ruim 500 betrokken mensen. In deze bijeenkomst zijn vele opties geopperd. De twee meest van belang zijnde oplossingen die naar voren kwamen zijn:​

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Historic Houston Flooding - the day after 

For the second time in one year, the Houston metropolitan area was flooded because of heavy rainfall. 240 billion gallons of water fell across the region; some areas had received 10-15 inches of rain. The flood took eight lives, caused more than $5 billion in property damages in Harris County alone, shut down 100 roads, caused 120.000 power outages, closed all schools and city buildings and many office buildings. Some Houstonians just Lees meer
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Watch This Storm Surge Protection Video 

A movie says more than 1000 words. Watch this movie and see what can happen if a storm enters the Golf Coast. And more important: what can be done to prevent it! Texas A&M University at Galveston have been privileged to work with Dutch institutions and other strong partners to better understand how to protect our region’s people, economy and environment from hurricane induced storm surge. Lees meer
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Dutch envoy Henk Ovink unleashes flood of ideas 

Photo by Tami Andrew Rice School of Architecture hosts water management expert for talk, roundtable on Houston’s future Last week Henk Ovink told Rice School of Architecture (RSA) students that without collaboration in advance of disaster, chaos is inevitable. Ovink, the Netherlands’ special envoy for international water affairs, brought to Rice his vision of how the collaborative energy and imagination of architects, engineers, Lees meer
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If a storm hits Houston...... 

protection is less costly than recovery
In 2008, Hurricane Ike slammed the Houston-Galveston region, making landfall on the Texas coast with maximum sustained winds of 112 miles per hour and storm surge of 12-15 feet. Even though the Houston-Galveston region avoided the predicted direct hit, Hurricane Ike killed 80 people and caused economic damages totaling over $39 billion. Imagine the consequences if Ike had made a direct hit. The clock continues to tick. Major hurricanes Lees meer
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